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Fasting For Myeloma

This post is about prolonged nightly fasting for multiple myeloma prevention (the PROFAST study)

Studies have shown that fasting patterns that reduce or eliminate nighttime eating protect against a number of disease risk factors. A new exciting pilot study is being carried out to determine the effect of a prolonged nightly fast for multiple myeloma prevention. It is called the PROFAST study and is a randomized controlled pilot trial investigating the effects of a 4-month, 14 hour nightly fasting regimen on body composition, bone marrow fatty tissue, and biomarkers of tumor burden, among overweight and obese individuals with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM), or smoldering Waldenström macroglobulinemia (SWM). Participants are allowed to consume noncaloric beverages including water, plain coffee, plain tea, zero-calorie sodas, and calorie-free sweeteners during the 14 hour fasting period

In my consults with patients, I often emphasize the importance of bringing inflammation under control using lifestyle interventions available to us ie diet, exercise, supplements. There is compelling evidence that persistent low-grade inflammation (as can be shown  by an elevated biomarker of systemic inflammation ie C-reactive protein [CRP]) is a significant underlying contributor to numerous cancers, including multiple myeloma.

Studies have found that longer nighttime fasting intervals are associated with significantly lower concentrations of CRP. Some studies suggest that reducing evening energy intake and and fasting for longer nightly intervals (when fasting is initiated early in the evening) may reduce systemic inflammation in the body which could subsequently reduce some cancers, including multiple myeloma, and chronic disease risk. This study aims to investigate if a nightly 14 hour fast for 4 months will improve markers of disease in these patients.

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