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Case Study - Ian M

Ian's key disease markers have seen a 60-80% reduction through Terry's treatment methods

The Patient

Ian M is a 73 year old male who was diagnosed with MGUS in 2002 at the age of 56. He entered our first curcumin study in 2007. When Ian first entered the pilot study, his paraprotein level was 26 grams per litre and his free light chain ratio was 23.5. These are two of the key disease markers for patients with MGUS. 

Treatment & Results

Since 2007 Ian has been taking curcumin daily and his disease markers have shown remarkable improvements over the years. His paraprotein level as of January 2020 was 8.6 grams per litre – a 67% reduction in paraprotein over a 13 year period. His free light chain ratio as of January 2020 was 5.7 - a 76% reduction over a 10 year period and almost within the normal range of 0.3-1.7. Other markers of disease progression have also improved.

What It Means for Ian

Without early curcumin intervention, Ian’s disease would have, at best, remained stable – at worst it would have progressed into Smoldering Myeloma and possibly even Multiple Myeloma.

Below is the chart of Ian’s paraprotein level over the past 13 years:

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