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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Terry Golombick, PhD Dipl Nut

Focus on curcumin, diet, MGUS & SMM

My desire to help patients is driven by the death of a very dear friend to chronic myeloid leukemia while  doing a PhD studying the mechanisms of growth of cancer cells in a laboratory.  During the painful years undergoing therapy for her disease, I noticed she was given  no information on how to try improve her health status and quality of life in order to enable her to fight the disease.​​

I am now dedicated to educating people diagnosed with early cancers of the blood on how to try to improve their health status through diet and natural medicine. Our research has shown how certain supplements can improve certain markers of disease progression in the blood and bone marrow and improve immune function in some patients. A change in diet and lifestyle shows improved quality of life.


Treatment backed by science

All recommendations are supported by evidence provided by clinical studies carried out in the Dept of Endocrinology and Southern Sydney Hematology from 2007 until 2020.

Our first published work in 2009 showed how curcumin could improve  key disease markers, such as paraprotein level, in some patients with MGUS. Because of these findings we carried out a bigger randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study in patients with MGUS and this time we also included patients with SMM. Once again, we found a decrease in paraprotein level and we also found a decrease in the free-light chain ratio in some patients. We continued to monitor these patients over a number of years and some showed a continued decrease in key disease markers. Some of our original patients from 2007 continue to take curcumin and continue to show improvement in their markers of disease activity ie their disease has not progressed but rather improved over the years!!!

Microscope in Laboratory
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