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Natural medicine based treatment plans, backed by science, which may slow the progression of MGUS & Smoldering Myeloma


Terry Golombick, PhD Dipl Nutr

Dr Golombick's career has been dedicated to cancer and nutrition. First came her PhD on the mechanisms of growth of cancer cells, then came her diploma in nutrition a few years later. She has combined these two passions to show how nutritional supplements (i.e natural medicine) can have a very real impact on the markers of disease progression in patients with MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma. 



1-1 video consultations to discuss your unique treatment plan. These consultations will help me understand your disease and guide you to try and improve outcomes and quality of life.


See the results of Terry's patients

Laki K.

Laki's key disease markers have seen a 60-80% reduction through Terry's treatment methods

Read Laki's Case Study

Ian  M.

“Me and my family very much appreciate the work Terry has done.”

Read Ian's Case Study

Kenneth B.

Kenneth's key disease markers have seen a 45% reduction through Terry's treatment methods.

Read Kenneth's Case Study


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